What makes a company successful?


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What makes a company successful?

Written by Michial Rachaner

That is such an important question, one I wish more people would stop to ask. In today’s crazy world the answer to that question seems to be off track.


Too often, the success of a company is gauged by speed of growth, size, dominance of an industry, and most importantly, profits. Companies are rewarded for trimming away costs, abandoning quality for quantity, and to often putting their employees at the bottom of the list, all for the sake of making more money.


Did you know that in 2020 the top 25 companies in America made an estimated $531,605,000,000 in profit*? That’s over half a TRILLION dollars in pure profit, for only 25 companies! I wonder, how many small businesses would you have to bundle together to even come close to that number?


When I reviewed that list, I discovered I’d personally spent money at 15 out of 25 of those companies in 2020 – probably not that different from you. Clearly, the price I paid for the services and/or goods they provided had been marked up significantly to create such staggering profits for so few companies. I often wonder, why do so few companies need to make so much money?


I worry the answer may be found by examining what it is they value most. I believe that corporate greed is alive and well.


It is discussions like these that drive me every day to build something better. I believe that employees must be valued over profits. I believe that regulation is critical to keep competition fair and free. I believe that corporate greed is alive and well. I believe that families are more important than corporations. These beliefs inspire me to build a company that will shine as an example; proof that these things better define success than making another billion.


It is in this spirit that I introduce you to Ready Rate, LLC. We are a Florida Mortgage Broker Company that is on a trajectory to become a multi-billion dollar mortgage company in the next 10 years or less. We strive for this growth, not to make excessive profits, rather to live out our mission.



Our mission is to change people’s lives for the better,

one mortgage at a time.



Join us on this mission by trusting us with your mortgage needs, or by joining our team of mortgage professionals. Together we can reshape what it means to be successful. We can refocus our lives on what matters most…our families, our neighbors, our communities, those that just need a hand up, and those that cannot help themselves.


The function of our company is to do mortgages, but our purpose is to be a light of hope for people. Our light will be fueled by our actions, not just our words. Please join us on this mission. Together we can make a difference.



Michial Rachaner

CEO | Founder




*Source: https://www.yahoo.com/now/25-most-profitable-companies-us-110023804.html